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Volume One - 2019

100 pages - Advert Free


Contagious Brave Storytelling
in Uncertain Times

What unites people? Stories.

There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story.

Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it. The best stories are true, heartfelt and bravely human.

Brave Your Day-Your Way has published Volume One compendium of everyday bravery stories in uncertain times from Scotland to New York.





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PPA Scotland will be hosting a new week-long festival for Scottish magazine lovers.

Running from September 16-22, the Edinburgh International Magazine Festival will bring together everyone with a passion for magazines, and will help put more magazines in the hands of more people. Interested in supporting the crowdfunder for this event ? Click here

Brave Your Day are excited to add our name to the programme of events, talks and workshops during the Festival.

Details coming soon about how to bag your Brave Your Day ticket for the live Edinburgh event.

PPA awards jpeg.jpg
Laura Kelly Dunlop (PPA Scotland Development Manager), Charley & Colin Gavigan -being too cute at PPA Scot Awards 2018

Laura Kelly Dunlop (PPA Scotland Development Manager), Charley & Colin Gavigan -being too cute at PPA Scot Awards 2018

BRAVE shortlist

We were so excited to be shortlisted by the Professional Publishers Association, Scottish Magazine Awards 2018 in December.

At a glittering award night in Glasgow’s groovy SWG3, we were up against some pretty amazing competition, some of Scotland’s most creative talent.

However Colin and I were chuft to be name checked in the same category. We were also delighted to receive a commendation and certificate to remind us just how brave we have been to risk curating our first mag-book.

Everyday we get feedback from our readers about what Brave Your Day means to them…we may not have won on the night but we feel like winners when we read these testimonials!



The Griffin, Stage Door, Glasgow, Scotland

On Wednesday 28 November 2018, a wet and stormy night over 80 people braved the elements to celebrate the launch of Brave Your Day Volume 1.

Under a single spot light, we witnessed an eclectic mix of human, everyday, brave storytelling live from our magazine features.

To listen to our Bravery storytellers and musicians from the evening click on our Audible Brave page HERE .

The human emotion of the evening was matched with live haunting melodies from Glaswegian Brave Heart’s, The Carlton 3.


BYD Magazine

Launches in NYC

Magazine Launches in NYC on World Mental Health Day 2018

From an early morning subway ride on the #1 train downtown to Liberty street, neighbour to World Trade Center Freedom Tower, to take part in a live studio broadcast back to BBC Scotland, Janice Forsyth afternoon show to the Brave Your Day print magazine launch party on World Mental Health Day.

We rejoiced together with bravery storytelling live from inside the pages of the mag with the gutsy New York Sheroe contributors and Scottish tunes, tartan badges (or pins as the New Yorker’s call them) all within the walls of a whitewashed loft studio on West Broadway.

We pinched ourselves, surrounded by over 60 people, open and willing to come together to figure out how to keep going despite everyday fears and life uncertainty.

To read more about our Brave NYC adventure click here


WhY brave?

We're Charley and Colin Gavigan, we're the leaders behind Brave Your Day-Your Way and this new print volume.

We support people and companies in Scotland and USA, to manage their imagined and real fears, at work and in their own lives.

We do this in three ways:-

  1. Hands on masterclasses

  2. 1:1 Bravery Coaching

  3. Bravery storytelling



I've transformed my life to live on the other side of fear in the past 11 years.

I now push to bring my bravest self everyday, no matter how scary that feels.


colin gavigan

I have braved out many of my tough life chapters through the power of music.

I've played saxophone for over 40 years.

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