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A new independent print magazine featuring stories of everyday bravery

We are an independently run print publication based in Glasgow.

Our magazine stirs and salutes positive, stories of everyday people being courageous and brave, from Scotland and across the world. 

It offers an optimistic, uplifting read, filled with relatable stories from people and communities conquering, managing and surviving their everyday fears and real-life obstacles to be their bravest selves. 

We've learnt that when we witness other people's guts, courage and bravery, it can stir change in ourselves, the lives of others and the world around us. 

Brave Your Day magazine is leading a global movement to make the world a braver place.

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WhY brave?

Hello we're Colin and Charley, we're a husband and wife team behind this new magazine. We are 'Brave Your Day' explorers , who live and work in Scotland & USA , studying & saluting people who want more bravery in their days.

Over the years, we've noticed people rarely describe themselves as 'Brave'.  Yet everyday we witness people being brave in all kinds of  ways.

Acknowledging our modern bravery and courage is needed more than ever in these uncertain times.

Our aspiration for a bravery print magazine is to revive and empower ourselves and others through positive truth stories of brave people and communities.

This print magazine is part of our Brave Your Day work, to lead the global movement to make the world a braver place.



I've transformed my life to live on the other side of fear in the past 10 years.

I now push to bring my bravest self everyday.


colin gavigan

I have braved out many of my tough life chapters through the power of music.

I've played saxophone for over 40 years.  


Stuff we love



This rousing statement T-Shirt has been created for everyone, who despite the uncertainty of life, keeps pushing with guts, courage and bravery. We witness and love you! 


help us salute more brave people

Here's 2 ways to tell us about people and brave stuff that empowers you to pick up your own bravery torch:  

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  • Nominate a 'Brave Your Dayer' that inspires you



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