Bravery Coaching session (1 hour)

Bravery Coaching session (1 hour)


Give a Life-enhancing Gift in 2020 to yourself, your friend or a loved one. with a 60-minute Bravery Coaching session. 

People seek out or participate in Bravery Coaching because they want things to be different.

Are you looking for a change? A habit transformation? Do you want a better relationship with yourself or others or do you have important goals to reach in 2020?

Whatever the motivation you choose to come to Bravery coaching to be more effective or satisfied in life and work; you will develop new skills to help navigate life’s uncertainty and changes.

People come to coaching from Scotland, across the UK and the USA.

The Bravery Coaching session is a 1-hour one-on-one session ( can be split into 2 x 30-minute sessions) with one of our accredited Coaches.

Our Bravery coaching will offer you a trusted supporter, in your corner, who wants and expects the best from you and who will challenge you to perform at your best.

We coach people from all walks of life, ages and circumstances.

You can find out testimonials at Brave Your Day

*Please note we provide Bravery Coaching sessions worldwide via telephone and SKYPE. At the moment we can only hold in person in Glasgow, Scotland .

Mega Important Stuff about this purchase

  • This purchase can only be redeemed against the value of a total of 60 minutes Bravery Coaching session which will take place over the phone, SKYPE or in-person in Glasgow, Scotland. (by agreement)

  • Once bought make sure you send onto the person you are gifting it to (if not for yourself)

  • Responsibility is with the recipient to schedule a Bravery Coaching total of the 60-minutes session by emailing within 12 months

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